HUGO. Sites of judicial heritage

HUGO is an open service dedicated to the study of the judicial heritage. It aims to draw up an inventory of judicial and penal sites with information on the architecture, history and memory of each one.

From this page, you can access to 378 institutions.

HUGO offers a bilingual open access interface to facilitate research on judicial heritage. Designed to be participative, it offers everyone the opportunity to contribute to data collection.

HUGO is managed by the CLAMOR - Center for the Digital Humanities and history of Justice (UMS 3726). The project was supported by the Law and Justice Research Mission. It is carried out in partnership with the National Archives, The National Museum of Education, the Normandy region, the Center for Judicial History in Lille (UMR 8025), the research team InTRU (Tours) and the French National School of penitentiary Administration.

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